The Heart of Max

The Heart of Max is a short, touching memoir written by the owner’s hand through the eyes of Max, a spunky and loving Australian terrier. Max adored his Poppi and treats, and always knew what his family needed — at least in Max’s own opinion. All his life, he gave love, laughter, and companionship, and his flair for mischief and sense of adventure kept his family on their toes.  A portion of the sale of his story will go to the Australian Terrier Trust, to help support the future good health of this special breed.
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YRU: A Family Devotional

Coming Fall 2017

A search for treasure always begins with a question.
Who am I? Why am I?
These simple questions are some of the deepest you can ask as you journey through life. YRU? is a daily devotional with over one hundred readings for families and children to engage in lessons of Christian faith and discover the real treasure in our lives: that we are all cherished children of God, the “I AM THAT I AM.”
In this devotional, we’ll set sail on the Sea of Possibility in search of treasure and chart a course around our map to the Mysterious Island of Em. We’ll also be using facts about sailing, boats, ropes, knots, anchors, and more to help us learn about God, ourselves, the hazards and enemies that abound in our life’s voyage, His Promises, His Protection, and the importance of always relying on our Captain, Helmsman, and Pilot for safe guidance through the rough weather and waters of life.
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